Sunday, August 28, 2011

Maya's 10th month

During Maya's 10th month (late April to mid May), she's really shown herself to be an adventurous little climber. For a while now, we've seen her climb on top of all of her toys, and now she climbs on nearly everything she can get at...standing on boxes and toys, trying to reach on top of tables and shelves, etc. Then she took it to a whole new level.

First, she showed that she can climb into the tub. As I mentioned, she likes to play with her bath toys at the edge of the tub, but one day she dropped a toy into the bath tub. The next thing I knew, she was leaning into the tub trying to grab the toy, pulling herself up and tring to climb with her feet, and then suddenly she went in head first. Luckily I was there to catch her by her ankle so that she didn't actually land headfirst. But after this event, the climbing was just beginning.

A few weeks later, when Bob & Amanda were over with the kids, we were all in the basement. We were playing pool, and the kids were playing with toys, so we let Maya crawl around on the carpet. Then Amanda went up the stairs and then without hesitation, Maya started following right after her. Instead of stopping her, we wanted to see what she could do. She managed to make it all the way from the bottom to the top of the stairs without stopping or falling, and although we were ready to catch her, she didn't actually need any support to make it up.

As if climbing the stairs wasn't bad enough, the very next day, I walk into the hallway and see maya climbing up her baby gate. There she is, 6 inches off the ground, with her feet in the holes of the gate. She didn't make it anywhere near close enough to getting herself over, but I have a feeling it won't be long.

Aside from her climbing, Maya got much better at standing. As I mentioned last time, we were having an ongoing competetion to see how long we could get Maya to stand, and her record was up to 18 seconds. However, early on this month, she managed to nearly double that record, standing for an entire 32 seconds. After this, we sort of just gave up on tracking that record, as it was now clear that her standing ability was no longer limited by her balance, but rather by how long she had an interest in remaining standing. If she wanted to stand for a minute straight, she could do it (and although we didn't time it, there have been several times when she stood for at least that long).

On the walking front, she hasn't made much progress in terms of number of steps. She still pretty much limited to 1 or 2 little stumble steps before she falls down. However, she now takes these little steps much more frequently.

Maya's starting to eat a lot more regular foods. She's had egg, cheese, chicken, and even a little bit of ground beef (though she didn't particular care for that one). One day, we made an English roast with potatoes and carrots, and for the first time, Maya ate the exact same dinner that we ate.

For quite a while, we've been trying to get Maya to wave. Although sometimes she would seem to do it, it's always hard to tell for sure if she actually meant to or it was coincidence. However, one day we were standing outside with Maya inside the house looking out the Window, and we managed to get her to wave to us 4 or 5 different times.

As far as weight & height, she's was just a hair over 28" tall, and about 17.5 lbs at the end of the 10th month.

Also this month, Maya celebrated her first Easter and went on her first Easter egg hunt. She also got her first real bath in the bathtub (instead of the baby tub or the bath seat). She learned how to open the drawers on her dresser and pull out her clothes. And she learned how to get behind the recliner (we had blocked it off) to get at the books we were hiding back there (since she likes to eat them).

Once again, here are a few of the best photos from this month, but you can see more in the gallery at:

Eating and saying da-da (9 months old)

Getting nose suctioned out (9 months old)

Playing on piano (9.5 months old)

Licking my slurpee cup (9.5 months old)

Maya's first bath in the tub (9.5 months old)

Climbing the stairs (9.5 months old)

Being flipped upside down (9.5 months old)

Climbing the baby gate (9.5 months old)

Eating eggs (9.5 months old)

Climbing on car seat to reach TV (10 months old)


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