Friday, March 12, 2010

Fetal Echo + More Ultrasound Photos

Today we went in to have a fetal echo done. Because I was born with a heart valve defect, and in about 1/4 of cases it has a genetic cause (with about 90% of those people passing it on to their children), they wanted to take a look at the baby's heart to see if she had a similar problem. They got a good look at all the valves and everything looked fine. They are normally shaped, they fully open and close, blood flow is typical, and the size/shape of the heart and chambers is normal.

They also did another ultrasound after, so there's 3 more photos below. Since the 3D ultrasounds were normal, the fetal echo was normal, and the blood tests have so far all been normal, this should be our last visit to the perinatologist, so from here on out it should hopefully just be normal ultrasounds.

Maya/Mya at 22-weeks

Mouth open