Monday, February 7, 2011

Maya - videos from 3 to 6 months

Here are the videos of Maya from ages 3-6 months I promised in my last post.

Maya's first tub bath (3 months old)

Up until now, when we washed Maya we put her in a bath chair and sprayed her, so it was more like a shower. This is her first time being submerged in water, and she definitely enjoyed it

Maya sucking on Christina's chin (3 months old)

Maya talking to the mirror (3.5 months old)

Maya walking in her walker (4 months old)

We put Maya in her walker in the kitchen, where it could roll much easier. She had been able to turn it slightly before, but this is the first time she managed to push her way forward.

Maya's first trip to a restaurant (5 months old)

Although she couldn't eat the food yet, she certainly tried. This short video was captured on accident...we intended to take a photo but had the camera on the wrong setting. Normally I'd just delete this, but I loved Maya's tongue expression.

Maya crawling for her toys (5.5 months old)

The very first time Maya did any sort of crawling, I watched for for the first few movements, then ran to get the video. However, by then she had tired herself out and I didn't get much. However, the next day we got her to do the same thing, and this time I got a pretty good video of it.

Maya's 1st baby food - carrots (5 months old)

Maya being bounced (5.5 months old)

Maya biting & pulling pacifier (6 months old)

Maya playing and tipping her seat (6 months old)