Monday, May 23, 2011

Maya's 9th month

During Maya's 9th month (late March to mid April), she's been doing really great. After the last several months of mastering her crawling skills and her ability to stand while holding things, now she's working on standing freely and walking. Our latest game is to see who (Christina or I) can get Maya to stand on her own (unassisted) the longest. I initially set the record with 5 second, then before Christina could break that, I got Maya to stand for 11 second. Shortly after, Christina got Maya to stand for 15 seconds. That record lasted for almost the entire month, but finally I got Maya to stand for 18 seconds.

Aside from the standing, Maya has also taken her first stumble steps. They were little more than moving her foot forward while on her way to quickly falling over, but it's a start

Maya is now up to having 4 teeth. After her bottom 2 teeth came in a several months ago, this month her 2 top teeth came in (top left first, then top right). And speaking of teeth, Maya's now getting to use them a bit more on some real food, like baked potatoes and avocado. However, she's learned to use her teeth for more than just chewing. One time when I was feeding her, I started hearing an odd noise. Quickly I figured out the noise was her grinding her teeth (see video below). The other thing she's doing with them is excessive biting. Apparently she has no reservations about biting the hands that feeds her.

We went through a period of about a week where she woke up in the middle of the night almost every night. Before that week, it was very rare for her to do so. However, after about a week, her nighttime waking disappeared and she returned to her regular routine of sleeping through the night.

Maya's become really excited about bath time and playing with her toys. We now often find her wandering into the bathroom on her own to try and play with her bath toys, which we leave sitting on the side of the tub.

Maya's been getting a lot more vocal lately, making lots of various noises. Sometimes this will just be in the form of her babbling on and on and on. Other times, you will notice that she's getting good at making sounds that start to resemble actual words (see the talking while eating video below).

Maya is also picking up new tricks quickly. We have a couple of those little touch sensitive lamps (where you tap the metal base to turn it on/off). Christina demonstrated how to touch it to turn it on and off. Since then, Maya often goes over to the lamp and touches it over and over again. Next, she learned that if she presses the buttons on my clock radio, she can turn on the radio and get music. She's done this many times. The downside to this is she sometime hits the buttons that adjust the time, and one day I found myself waking up about 10 minutes too early because of it (though I guess better early than late). Now I need to check my clock carefully every night before I go to bed.

Finally, the stranger anxiety Maya's been displaying the last couple months has been going away, and she's been happy and friendly to almost everyone, and pretty much never cries around someone new anymore.

Once again, here are a few of the best photos from this month, but you can see more in the gallery at

Maya playing in her bathtub (8.5 months old)

Maya eating puffies with Keinan (8.5 months old)

Maya grinding her teeth (8.5 months old)

About 27 seconds into the video, you'll hear Maya grinding her teeth together (don't get it mixed up with the banging sound just a few seconds earlier).

Maya dancing while Mommy sings (8.5 months old)

Maya like to rock back and forth to music and singing.

Maya getting her teeth brushed (8.5 months old)

Maya eating (8.5 months old)

Maya in front window - hits herself and cries (8.5 months old)

When I come home from work, Maya often greets me happily at the front window. This time, however, she got a little too excited while holding a toy.

Maya eats avacados and sounds like she talks (8.5 months old)

While eating avacados for the first time, at about 45 seconds into this video, Maya says something that sounds like "I like it", and then when I asked her if she likes it, she says something that sounds like "Yeah I do".

Maya playing with her spoon (8.5 months old)

Maya climbing on laundry basket to get DVD (9 months old)

For a while now, Maya has been pulling DVDs off of the shelf every chance she get. Sometimes we wouldn't feel like putting them back over and over again, so we'd try to block the shelf off. However, this attempt at using a laundry basket didn't turn out to be the best idea.

Maya attacks the camera - part 1 (9 months old)

Maya attacks the camera - part 2 (9 months old)

Maya eating puffies (9 months old)

Maya standing (9 months old)


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