Sunday, September 4, 2011

Maya's 11th month

During Maya's 11th month (late May to mid June), she's really improved her walking skills a lot. For a while now, she had been stuck on just making 1 or 2 steps at a time, and never did any more than that. One day, Christina was about to leave the house and I was holding Maya. She seemed like she wanted to go see Chris, so I stood her on the floor, completely expecting her to drop to her hands and knees and crawl. However, before I knew it, she took 4 steps forward before falling.

That achievement was just the beginning. While Chris was gone, I got Maya to take 3 more steps. Two days later, she took 4 steps again. The next day it was up to 6 step (and she could do 2-4 steps regularly). The day after she was up to 8 step (and 4-6 steps regularly). Then the next day it 10 steps.

After that, we just sort of stopped counting. She might have made it a step or 2 further a few times, but in general she seemed to max out at around 10 steps. Once she got that far, she'd either tend to fall down, or she'd reach an object and sit down, or she'd be at a piece of furniture to hold onto. So she could regularly walk these short distances, but wasn't quite yet doing any little walking marathons.

Maya also did a ton of climbing this month. She climbed up the baby gate on many occasions, but still hasn't yet made it over (thankfully).

Maya got to take her first swim in the pool. She really loves splashing away. She also had her first bike ride. We bought one of those baby trailers to tow behind our bikes. She really seems to love going for a ride, though she tends to fall asleep after not too long.

Also this month, Maya got her 5th tooth and she finally weighed over 18 pounds.

As usual, here are a few of the best photos from this month, but you can see more in the gallery at:

Pulling out all the DVDs (10 months old)

Eating a banana (10 months old)

Maya takes 4 steps (10 months old)

Closed bedroom door and played with books (10.5 months old)

First time in swimming pool (10.5 months old)

Opening & closing the baby gate (10.5 months old)

Riding dinosaur and pushing herself backward (10.5 months old)

Playing with maraca (10.5 months old)

Eating her first wagon wheel (11 months old)

Swinging by her arms (11 months old)

Climbing the baby gate (11 months old)