Thursday, June 3, 2010

Maya Abigail - her name has been decided

As I posted back in February, we had an easy agreement on her name but ran into a conflict on the spelling. It didn't take us long to figure out and agree on the middle name of Abigail, but the first name spelling has been a sticking point for about 4 months now. However, we've now come to an agreement in the last week. Her name will be Maya Abigail Frazier. Coming to the final decision was difficult, but it only entailed me relinquishing all rights to choose the name of our next child :).

Now the baby room is pretty well finished, so I'll post photos soon. The baby shower is set for this Saturday. We've got 3 weeks of birthing classes left, and the breastfeeding class was done last week. The house is pretty well in order. Our monthly, semi-weekly, and now weekly OB visits have been going well. Typical progress, nothing out of the ordinary, she's turned head down as she's supposed to, fluid levels are fine, etc. We haven't had any more ultrasound photos to post (this week was the first ultrasound we've had since March, and we didn't get any photos of it).


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